Strap / Belt Kamera DLSR Canon & Nikon




Strap / Belt Kamera DLSR Canon Nikon

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Untuk Strap / Belt Kamera DSLR Canon Nikon, jangan lupa hubungi kami Sam Photography Centre.

If you want a strap that will look just like the one that came with your camera,you come to the right place – Sam Photography Centre. Our strap leaves your neck comfortable after even a long day of shooting and adds some panache to your shooting setup. It is the most comfortable and is easy to attach and adjust.

All of our straps are made from the highest quality material , so you can count on your new camera strap to outlast your camera.

Our first strap is long enough to wear across you body.  This is a lot more comfortable and also great for moving around in between shots.

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Weight 200 g


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