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Beauty Disc 55cm lengkap Honeycomb for bowen mount


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BEAUTY DISC 55cm lengkap HONEYCOMB ( ya ini sudah lengkap honeycomb. banyak yang tanpa honeycomb )

1. Jual murah saja untuk buang stok.
2. Honeycomb bisa dilepas
3. Cahaya jadi terpusat, cocok untuk art photography dan portrait

Beauty Disc cocok dipakai di studio untuk pemotretan portrait.

Hubungi Sam Photography Centre jika ingin membeli BEAUTY DISC 55cm lengkap HONEYCOMB


Beauty dishes are a niche modifier usually reserved for beauty shots. These tend to be head and shoulder portraits that highlight makeup and hair, and are commonly used in the fashion industry. So why should you try it? Well, it’s fun to see if you can make images like you see in the fashion magazines, it’s also very creative. You really have to plan and construct the entire image. This may include everything from your choice of background, lighting setup, and hair and makeup.

The quality of light produced by a beauty dish is not as soft as a softbox, but it is softer than an umbrella, and not as hard as just using a 7 inch reflector. The light falloff is quite rapid, which helps to sculpt the subject’s face and to show texture in their skin. Beauty dishes often produce nice catch lights in the eyes and shadows under the jaw line. They are versatile modifiers because you can change the quality of light by choosing a dish with a silver, or white, inner surface. The white surface will produce slightly less specular highlights on the subject’s face. You can also control the spill of light by using a grid and even further soften the light by adding a sock over the front.

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